Mid-Life Crisis in Men: How Long Does it Last

Mid-Life Crisis in Men: How Long Does it Last?

As you may expect, the dreaded mid-life crisis is no walk in the park; talk about having a regular cocktail of anxiety, low self-confidence, and overall disappointment because you feel your life is falling apart. Let’s face it, just the thought of no longer having a grasp on things and that family and friends don’t appreciate or care anymore is enough to drag anybody into a deep emotional crisis. Mid-life crisis mainly affects men between the ages 40-65 and usually happens for various reasons and comes in stages. These stages are essential in determining when an individual’s midlife crisis might come to an end.

How Mid-Life Crisis in Men Unfolds in Men

There are at least six perceived stages of a midlife crisis. The first stage is denial demonstrated through deliberate refusal to accept the changes that come with his age like greying hair and wearing out. Symptoms may include using hair dye and paying more attention to the wardrobe to maintain a youthful look. The second stage is anger, which storms in after realizing that aging is inevitable and the effects are irreversible. Then, anger is followed by replay characterized by teenage-like behavior such a having an affair or wanting to fulfill travel fantasies and so forth, in an attempt to rewind the past.  Erectile dysfunction happens around this time and men find themselves online searching for things like “ejaculation guru book review” in an attempt to change the situation.

After that, depression sets in following the realization that the strategies in the first three stages have not yielded. Usually, frustration takes its toll, and most people think of themselves as failures. Feelings of unworthiness and rejection are more pronounced at this stage which may lead to suicidal thoughts. The next phase is known as the withdrawal stage and includes facing more personal and self-related issues avoided throughout the other stages. Note that, people deal with withdrawal differently; some might choose to cut all connections and become completely rebellious while others might decide to rebuild relationships that may have been damaged along the way. Lastly comes the acceptance stage characterized by accepting and embracing the new realities, which marks the end of the mid-life crisis.

How Long Does the Midlife Crisis Last?

Looking at the midlife crisis stages outlined in this article, there is no formal period in which the midlife crisis should last. It depends on how quickly an individual goes through the stages which usually take up to ten years; some men may start their midlife crisis early and a get to accept their situations pretty early while others may take a bit longer. Overall, the outcomes and time taken in the midlife crisis depends on the person’s attitude and ability to handle situations.