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5 Important Paintball Safety Tips

Paintball games are very exciting especially when played in teams. The game is an extreme sport with so much entertainment. The sports require some degree of safety when playing to avoid unforeseen situations.

In most places where the game is regulated, players are to use a paintball mask and barrel safety equipment. You must also adhere to rules strictly.

Your safety while playing paintball can never be overemphasized. The game is a light extreme game that you can play in an indoor or outdoor setting. The game setting can be an artificial or natural theme with an aim.

The aim of the game can include any of the following; capturing an object or finding a hidden item, elimination, capturing the flag, and defending or attacking a certain area of interest.

Most times the game is played in teams, even at that, you must know how to protect yourself with these tips while playing paintball to avoid injuries.

5 Important Safety Tips While Paintballing

You should be looking at these tips extensively to avoid injuries whenever you decide to play paintball.

1. Put On The Appropriate Pieces Of Equipment And Wears At All Times:

When playing paintball you must put on all the necessary materials especially the head mask. If you are not satisfied with the one given to you, you can get a quality paintball mask online and some game stores.

Also, remember to put on the cup or jockstrap especially for men to prevent pain when hit. Do not remove any of your equipment even when fogged.

2. Inspect Your CO2:

You should check your CO2 as recommended by the manufacturer to avoid your nozzle from falling off which can lead to serious injuries or death.

3. Play Your Paintball Games At A Certified Course With Good Ref:

It is important that where you play your paintball games is certified and has experienced or well-qualified ref. who adheres to all the rules and regulations of the game.

4. Makes Use Of Barrel Bags:

When you are not actively playing the game, you must put the barrel plug into the barrel. You must adhere to barrel safety plugs especially with the increase in electronic triggers. So be smart when playing paintball and be safe.

5. Do not overshoot people or shoot people up close:

When you overshoot, you take the fun of the game away. Overshooting can be dangerous and the act is not accepted. Sometimes, those people overshooting when shot at make excuses. Also, it is best to call out surrender first to those at close range other than shooting at them.

You call out surrender to avoid inflicting pain or physical injury on them when you shoot at close range. If they don’t surrender, then you can shoot once or twice and apologize after the game to keep the fun rolling.

To call out surrender first is best as with that you can still stay friends after the game.

There are still some safety tips while paintballing you can adhere to avoid injuries and keep the fun alive. Here are some few safety tips you can use;

  • Read the manual of your gear
  • Make sure what you shoot is a paintball
  • Make sure you shoot only at those wearing proper paintball googles.
  • Take your eyes away from the air release valve
  • Avoid unscrewing your HPA or CO2 bottles from your gun to prevent death.
  • Look out for natural hazards.
  • Avoid shooting at birds or stray animals in your game.

What Are The Basic Tips For Playing Paintballs?

  • Plan and communicate well with your teammates
  • Play a cool and simple game
  • Use the element of surprise
  • Be a step ahead of your opponent and be aware of their moves
  • Keep moving and make sure to gain intel
  • Be aggressive when necessary
  • Learn to make use of some pyrotechnics like a flashbang, thunder flash, and paint grenade.
  • Make sure to have fun and stay positive.

How To Get Better At Paintball Games?

The aim of every game is for you to have fun and win. Therefore, it is important to understand how the game works and how to improve your tactics and play a better game.

  • Know the weight of the weapon you can handle comfortably.
  • Learn the basis of paintballing like targeting and so on.
  • Practice how to shoot while running.
  • Learn how to effectively bunker.
  • Practice snap shooting in front of a mirror.
  • Get ready to reload while in gunfire.
  • Learn and use positions that are effective for you.
  • You and your teammates should have a strategic plan and learn to communicate effectively.
  • Be careful of speedballs.
  • Master every piece of your equipment.

How Badly Does Paintball Hurt?

How badly paintball hurt is dependent on the distance the ball travels or the speed at which the ball hits the body. Sometimes the pain is felt by the player but most times, the players feel a little sting and a little pain on the arm.

Although the pain is minor and after a while it fades away. Also, most paintball hits are not consequential, with paintball leaving small bruises and welts. Therefore, it is best to follow the safety tips carefully to avoid paintball hurting you.

What Are The Tips For Reducing Paintball Pain?

You must understand that paintball hurts and can lead to injuries. Here are some tips that can help to reduce paintball pains.

  • You can put on layers and pad to reduce the impact of the paintball on your body.
  • You have to condition your mindset to focus on the game and not on the pain.
  • You can take some pain relievers such as Ibuprofen.
  • Strengthen your muscles to adapt to environmental stress and avoid bruises.
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