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5 Important Paintball Safety Tips

Paintball games are very exciting especially when played in teams. The game is an extreme sport with so much entertainment. The sports require some degree of safety when playing to avoid unforeseen situations.

In most places where the game is regulated, players are to use a paintball mask and barrel safety equipment. You must also adhere to rules strictly.

Your safety while playing paintball can never be overemphasized. The game is a light extreme game that you can play in an indoor or outdoor setting. The game setting can be an artificial or natural theme with an aim.

The aim of the game can include any of the following; capturing an object or finding a hidden item, elimination, capturing the flag, and defending or attacking a certain area of interest.

Most times the game is played in teams, even at that, you must know how to protect yourself with these tips while playing paintball to avoid injuries.

5 Important Safety Tips While Paintballing

You should be looking at these tips extensively to avoid injuries whenever you decide to play paintball.

1. Put On The Appropriate Pieces Of Equipment And Wears At All Times:

When playing paintball you must put on all the necessary materials especially the head mask. If you are not satisfied with the one given to you, you can get a quality paintball mask online and some game stores.

Also, remember to put on the cup or jockstrap especially for men to prevent pain when hit. Do not remove any of your equipment even when fogged.

2. Inspect Your CO2:

You should check your CO2 as recommended by the manufacturer to avoid your nozzle from falling off which can lead to serious injuries or death.

3. Play Your Paintball Games At A Certified Course With Good Ref:

It is important that where you play your paintball games is certified and has experienced or well-qualified ref. who adheres to all the rules and regulations of the game.

4. Makes Use Of Barrel Bags:

When you are not actively playing the game, you must put the barrel plug into the barrel. You must adhere to barrel safety plugs especially with the increase in electronic triggers. So be smart when playing paintball and be safe.

5. Do not overshoot people or shoot people up close:

When you overshoot, you take the fun of the game away. Overshooting can be dangerous and the act is not accepted. Sometimes, those people overshooting when shot at make excuses. Also, it is best to call out surrender first to those at close range other than shooting at them.

You call out surrender to avoid inflicting pain or physical injury on them when you shoot at close range. If they don’t surrender, then you can shoot once or twice and apologize after the game to keep the fun rolling.

To call out surrender first is best as with that you can still stay friends after the game.

There are still some safety tips while paintballing you can adhere to avoid injuries and keep the fun alive. Here are some few safety tips you can use;

  • Read the manual of your gear
  • Make sure what you shoot is a paintball
  • Make sure you shoot only at those wearing proper paintball googles.
  • Take your eyes away from the air release valve
  • Avoid unscrewing your HPA or CO2 bottles from your gun to prevent death.
  • Look out for natural hazards.
  • Avoid shooting at birds or stray animals in your game.

What Are The Basic Tips For Playing Paintballs?

  • Plan and communicate well with your teammates
  • Play a cool and simple game
  • Use the element of surprise
  • Be a step ahead of your opponent and be aware of their moves
  • Keep moving and make sure to gain intel
  • Be aggressive when necessary
  • Learn to make use of some pyrotechnics like a flashbang, thunder flash, and paint grenade.
  • Make sure to have fun and stay positive.

How To Get Better At Paintball Games?

The aim of every game is for you to have fun and win. Therefore, it is important to understand how the game works and how to improve your tactics and play a better game.

  • Know the weight of the weapon you can handle comfortably.
  • Learn the basis of paintballing like targeting and so on.
  • Practice how to shoot while running.
  • Learn how to effectively bunker.
  • Practice snap shooting in front of a mirror.
  • Get ready to reload while in gunfire.
  • Learn and use positions that are effective for you.
  • You and your teammates should have a strategic plan and learn to communicate effectively.
  • Be careful of speedballs.
  • Master every piece of your equipment.

How Badly Does Paintball Hurt?

How badly paintball hurt is dependent on the distance the ball travels or the speed at which the ball hits the body. Sometimes the pain is felt by the player but most times, the players feel a little sting and a little pain on the arm.

Although the pain is minor and after a while it fades away. Also, most paintball hits are not consequential, with paintball leaving small bruises and welts. Therefore, it is best to follow the safety tips carefully to avoid paintball hurting you.

What Are The Tips For Reducing Paintball Pain?

You must understand that paintball hurts and can lead to injuries. Here are some tips that can help to reduce paintball pains.

  • You can put on layers and pad to reduce the impact of the paintball on your body.
  • You have to condition your mindset to focus on the game and not on the pain.
  • You can take some pain relievers such as Ibuprofen.
  • Strengthen your muscles to adapt to environmental stress and avoid bruises.
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5 Best Dating App For Disabled

Picture of Best Dating App For Disabled

Love is beautiful. Falling in love is amazing. I hope you’ve experienced that “mushy” feeling associated with falling in love and much more having someone love you as much as you love them or more.

Life tends to be more colorful when you connect with amazing people intimately. How about having the freedom to express yourself with someone across the table without the fear of rejection, criticism, or intimidation.

Yea, everyone deserves to be loved intimately even with disabilities and also at liberty to love or express their affection. I guess I would call it, “Freedom to love and be loved”. There are lots of great meeting points for disabled people to experience mingling with real people without the fear of rejection or being intimidated.

These platforms are specially designed to accommodate singles who are looking forward to connecting with other individuals of like interest and lifestyle. Most of these platforms are specifically designed for disabled individuals while some are for both disabled folks and others.

There are several factors to consider when selecting the best dating apps for disabled. Among several other factors, a great design is key.

Top 5 Dating Platforms For Disabled

There are so many such platforms but we will be considering some of the best dating platforms for amazing people with disabilities.

1. Wispers4U

This dating site was introduced in 2002. They assist individuals with disabilities to get involved with other people and also find support in a beautiful environment.

This site has lots of extra amazing features for the paid membership that would make the task easier like webcam chat,  video tutorials, 24/7 support, virtual flirting, instant messenger, data search, and email.

They have free and paid membership options with a slated period for free trials. This dating site also ensures that the site is secure and free from activities against the site’s policies. They also regularly lookout for scammers to ensure that the members are real and genuine people.

Whisper4U is also committed to protecting the user’s profile and personal information. The site is also very colorful and user-friendly and they were in 2016 nominated for the iDate Award and emerged a nominated finalist for the Best Niche Dating site.

2. SpecialBridge

This is a community involving people with like needs and abilities. The site is owned and operated by a family to meet the needs of disabled people beyond general dating sites or social networks. The website is user-friendly and simple to use.

Special bridge helps promote good relationship among adults with disabilities. It offers a good platform where members can meet other people with the same interest and abilities, thereby making mingling easy.

Special bridge also allows members to connect through its messaging system, knowing that some folks might not be comfortable with an initial face-to-face meeting.

The messaging system also benefits people who have difficulty with their speech and also helps users think less of their disabilities. Special bridge helps users connect with other people with similar disabilities from far and near.

Therefore, its focus is more than just dating. This site also provides a safe and conducive environment for disabled individuals to feel special and welcome to participate as much as their comfort permits.

3. Zoosk

Zoosk is one of the largest dating sites with over 40,000,000 singles worldwide. It could be time-consuming for some individuals with disabilities because of the large number of users and the bulky database.

Zoosk allows you to selectively search for potential people you want to connect with but don’t freak out because of the huge number. A better way to look at it is the fact that there are so many amazing people to choose from.

Zoosk is one of the leading online dating sites. It cuts across more than 80 countries and has been translated into about 25 languages and has a good technology for behavioral matchmaking.

4. Dating4Disabled

This site allows you to hook up with other amazing disabled people for free. With Dating 4 Disabled, you can still maintain your confidentiality. This website also offers very good tools, forums, messenger services, and smart search features.

In Dating 4 Disabled, standard measures are adhered to and members can also assist you in finding love, friendship, and great support.

5. Match

This dating site has a reputation for being the largest in the U.S and also the largest local and international dating site with paid membership. It has also recorded huge success over the years. Match offers a 3 days free browsing privilege for new users.

With the huge membership of over 7 million members, it is easier for a disabled folk to meet or connect with people of like minds and also a whole lot of people to choose from.

Match has so many unique features. Members have the opportunity to get up to 7 matches daily. These matches are based on the individual’s compatibility and they are left with the choice to connect or not.

Features like Mutual Match, Reverse Match, and other amazing features are available with Match. Members can also search for the qualities in individuals which they desire to connect with.

These can also include, age, distance, looks,  lifestyle, interest and lots more from the Discover section. They also offer a six-months free subscription if the member doesn’t find a special match in the first six months. Users can also gain access to a private number to call or text with Match Phone.

With Match, you can also get to connect with people who you have met before even from the same locality. The Match website and the App is easy to understand and use. You can register for free and enjoy the 3 days free trial period available for new subscribers.

You can sign up with Match using your Facebook account or any other social media account in the options to make your registration easy after which you would have to fill a very detailed form about your interests and life.

Even as a disabled, you can as well find love and connect with different people with different abilities.


You can register on all the dating apps mentioned here. Check them out and find out the one that works best for you. Dating is not so hard after all. Everyone wants a companion, they just need to be sure that you want them as much as they want you.

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How Can Disabled People Date? 5 Tips

Picture of How Can Disabled People Date

The subject of dating, when related to people with disabilities, can be a very difficult and touchy one. For most people with a disability, dating can be a bit scary and disheartening. This article is to help you overcome these fears and find the right relationship for you.

How Can Disabled People Date? Disabled people dating are not different from regular people. Here are the ways through which they can date. Through communication software, dating apps, Interaction with people at centers.

Some of these stated means of dating for many will sound weird but they are quite helpful.

Communication is the key to achieving a strong and lasting relationship. Meeting that one person who can light the spark within you is key. One very important and essential key to finding the right person is for you to truly love and cherish yourself.

Your ability to love who you are can help you find the right person. It enables you to understand what you want. Everyone deserves to be loved, you must be able to understand that you deserved to be loved.

It might seem to you that dating is more difficult for the disabled than for a normal person but this is not so true. For even the regular person it takes a while for them to find the best. The same applies to disabled people dating also.

How Can Disabled People Date?

1. Communication Software:

As stated above, communication is key in any relationship. With the aid of technology communication software such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Viber, and Facebook messenger.

This software is a means by which you can keep up communication with friends and relatives. You can build a stronger relationship as friends, growing fond of them and gradually stepping up your friendship to something more intimate.

2. Dating Apps:

This method can be a very comfortable way of meeting and getting to know more people. If you are someone that prefers a more direct way to express yourself, this method would suit you better.

Through this means you could meet other people with disabilities and get talking but it is better not to limit yourself to people with disabilities.

You can try other dating apps for regular people. The best way to build a strong relationship within such spheres is to learn to communicate properly and mention your challenge.

These actions can help you achieve trust with the person and show that you are honest about your condition. You are also able to avoid any future embarrassment.

3. Get a pet or help animal:

If you are someone who loves animals, this option can be a great pick for you. This option will enable you to care and stroll out with your pet making it possible for you to meet new people. You can not tell where love can find you. You never can tell when you would meet the person with the connection.

4. Interaction with people at various centers:

Some centers such as a day center can be a great place to meet people of similar challenges and others. These places can be a good place to meet with people of like mind.

Through this means, you will be able to make new friends. You can also improve your social life with places like a day center that provides various activities that can make you bond.

What Dating Tips Are There For People With A Disability?

If you are having a tough time finding a date or getting over heartbreak here are some helpful tips to help you meet that special person.

i. Keep an open mind

It is important that you don’t meet new people with the wrong mind. If you have had a bad experience before, that doesn’t mean new relationships won’t work out. Be open to try new thing. Learn from past experience, but don’t remain in it, move on.

ii. Make optimal use of new technology:

Make sure to optimized available technologies and other possibilities to widen your horizon of friends and contacts. Make sure to not overdo or overthink it. Let it happen naturally.

iii. Pick an easy meet-up place or a familiar place for you:

For most people with disabilities depending on the disability, you should pick a good and accessible place for you. Make sure to pick a place that will satisfy all your needs so that you can focus your energy on getting to know the person you are on a date with.

iv. Be sincere about your disability:

It is best, to be honest about your condition to eliminate any unnecessary situation. Make sure to state this in your profile if filling in for online dating, it is best to do this to avoid miscommunication.

v. Learn not to be focused on your disability:

During your date try to steer your conversation towards you and not your disability. At first, it may not be easy. Let your date get to know you for who you are. You can also steer up your conversation towards other appropriate subjects.

What Are The Available Online Dating Sites For People With Disabilities?

1. Whisper4U:

This dating site has been since 2002, it offers both free and paid membership for “differently-abled” people to find love and date. The site offers different features such as video tutorials, instant messenger, email, database search, video chatting, 24/7 support and lots more.

One very great advantage of using whisper4U is that they conduct regular checks to take off scammers from the sites. It is a safe environment and it protects the singles on the site.

2. Dating4Disabled:

This free online dating site provides its users with the opportunity to find, date and even share information with other people with disabilities. This site offers a lot of tools such as forums, messenger, smart search functions. This community helps you find love, romance, disability resources, and friendships. Your details are very confidential.

3. Special Bridge:

This site is a privately operated social community for people with disabilities. It is a family-owned dating site that offers options ranging from messaging, customized profile and matchmaking.

It is a standard website that prides itself on connecting real people with disabilities to others for various purposes such as pen pals, romance, and friendship. It is a very safe website and it also does background checks to ensure you are safe on your date. They also offer other in-depth services.

4. Disabled Passions:

This social networking community is more than a dating site. The website offers other services such as contents related to dating, disability, fun videos, games, and archived resources. It also offers services for chatting, message boards, and email.

Having tried this disabled dating sites to no avail or you want something more. You can try some of these mainstream dating options such as OkCupid, Tinder, eHarmony, and Match.com.

Make sure to create a profile that reflects who you are, remember to be authentic. These websites have a large user base making it possible for you to meet more people. Startup conversations, comment on your similarities and remember to be honest.

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Picture of Instagram Husband

What Is An Instagram Husband?

Over 80 million photos are shared on Instagram daily. And, about 3.5 billion likes are given. The desire to put up your photo out there and get positive responses has always been the goal of everyone that uses the Instagram platform.

Little wonder people go as far as getting for themselves Instagram husband just in the bid to get that perfect shot.

Who Is An Instagram Husband? The actual meaning of the word is anybody who makes all of your perfect Instagram pictures possible. He or she is basically the person behind the camera taking all those shots and making sure your Instagram pictures turn out well.

A recent podcast on technology titled ‘Why’d you push that button’ by Kaitlyn Tiffany gave justice to the meaning of the word. This is your go-to person for shots and can stop at no length to make sure you look good.

10 Tips To Become A Super Instagram Husband

Now that you know an Instagram husband is not necessarily someone you are having a romantic relationship with, these tips apply both to if you are acting as an Instagram Husband your spouse or a total stranger.

  1. Pick A Background

Being a good Instagram husband involves quite a lot of work and input. There are a number of things to consider.

While visiting a new place or on a vacation where there are old memorial buildings or traditional houses, these might be perfect spots for your background. They will easily capture the attention of people and pique people’s interest.

  1. Chose The Right Lighting

Generally, one of the rules of taking a perfect professional picture is light. When it is too much, there is overexposure: and when it is too dim, it is too gloomy.

Getting an accurate quantity of light is essential for Instagram likes. It is your responsibility to make sure that your Instagram wife gets all the attention she deserves through her picture from her followers.

Whatever posture she takes or assumes, as long as she is positioning herself in the right angle and spot, she is good to go.

  1. Give Symmetrical Shots

Most often than not Instagram photos are taken with smartphone cameras. These cameras make it easy to take shots that are perfectly symmetrical as you can place the object in the center of the screen.

Try to avoid slant or bent pictures especially if the backgrounds are landscapes, streets or buildings. Always remember the object should be placed at the middle always, this helps reduce avoidable mistakes.

  1. Give It Space

There are good ways to take a picture and there are great ways to do it. To be a great Instagram husband, you need to learn how to maximize and make good use of your space to put your object in the spotlight.

If you are having an outdoor shoot with a great landscape, make sure to capture as much of it as possible while your object occupies a small part of the picture.

This would call the attention to her especially If she is at a strategic point. She could probably be leaning on a door frame. This rule in photography is called “rule of thirds”.

  1. Capture Movements

This is one of the most appreciated types of shots because this shows the object in her natural state. The idea behind this shot is to take her while she is doing her everyday activities.

The pictures tell a story about what she loves doing. It could be while she is cooking or while she is out exploring or meeting people.

Helpfully, technology has helped to make this work easier. There is now a phone that can capture moving objects.   You could decide to take continuous shots while she is doing something to get the perfect pictures to select from.

  1. Try Different Angles

The idea behind this is to uncover and also discover new sides to your Instagram wife that had yet to be seen. Just be spontaneous. Try different angles that are far from the conventional. Be less predictable and just snap away.

Explore that crazy idea lurking in your head. Just take as many risks as possible as long as they are safe. It doesn’t always have to be a selfie or a head shot.  Try that angle you saw in a magazine, go the field and try new things. Just step out of your comfort zone.

  1. Get Her Smile

A smile they say is the best makeup. Everybody looks good when they smile. So at times, it may not necessarily be about the posture or the background. This time you and the camera and fully focused on your wife. The idea is to get the perfect moment on camera and keep it alive forever.

You could be intentional about how to get her to smile. You could make up a joke, or tease her or even get her breakfast in bed. The smile could also come by chance, it really doesn’t matter as long as you get her to crack up a beautiful smile for the camera.

  1. Find Out Interesting Details

At times when pictures are taken, what we had in mind might not be what we eventually see. There might turn out to be details you were not expecting in the pictures. And at times, these are what makes the pictures to be exceptional.

It does not necessarily have to be the most beautiful feature in the picture, it could be an old rickety chair, or blue flowers or even a bird on a line. These things happen to be all around. Just pay attention to them.

  1. Have A Conversation

One of the ways to get the best shot of a person or of your wife is to engage her in a conversation. This way you get to capture her in her most energetic form especially if it involves a topic she is passionate about.

Taking a picture of her while communication will get you a clearer view of her person and preference. On the other hand, the conversation could be about the picture itself and how you want it to turn out.

Let her know what direction she needs to face when she needs to smile and what angle you want her to be. This would save a whole lot of stress and even save time for you and her. You also get a better outcome.

  1. Always Be Patient

One thing every photographer will tell you is that you can never run out of patience. You can spend an entire day taking pictures and trying to get the perfect angle.

You could use this opportunity to bind with your wife while enduring through the process. At the end of the day, you will find out that you get some of the most beautiful pictures.

What Does Og Mean?

Picture Of What Does Og Mean

The history of slang is still unknown. There are several articles online that have dated this usage of words to the eighteen century when a word like ‘bad’ was used to refer to something that is good. This assertion is however not verifiable. So many usages of slag might have occurred even before pen and paper was invented.

Also, the scarcity of slag usage in old writings can be due to the fact that slangs are mostly used when communicating verbally. So it is seldom to find people write stories, or report the event using slang language.

But, however, some slangs have found their way into the dictionaries. Aside from the dictionary specifically dedicated to slangs, you will find words like ‘Og’ in some modern dictionaries. Og has several meanings in the dictionary.

But, What Does Og Means As A Slang? The word Og is used to refer to a person that is authentic, incredibly exceptional, or old-school. So, when someone calls you an Og, depending on the context of usage, you should not take it as an insult. They are simply giving a positive commendation.

The term OG means different things in different spheres, on the street, when the term is mentioned what comes to mind is “Original Gangster’. As opposed to what the word implies, the meaning of this term is to describe someone that is very loyal and faithful. It is often found to be used by rappers and hip hop singers.

There are other usages of Og that may have a different meaning depending on where it is been used. Read on for more.

What Does OG Mean in Shoe?

The word OG in the shoe industry is used to refer to the first release of sneakers. Just like ‘Retro’ means a re-release of a shoe model, ‘OG’ is used to refer to the first release of a shoe model.

In 1968, Adidas released a shoe that was referenced to as OG. And since that time its appearance has barely changed. Even at this, the shoe model is still one of the brands’ best-selling shoe design of all time.

Note the Og in slang is spelled ‘Og’, while the term ‘OG’ for shoe brands is spelled ‘OG’. To make that more explicit, the difference is the ‘G’. One always has the two alphabets in capital letter, while the other has flexible formatting while writing. Words like this are called homographs.

What Does Og Mean In Fortnite?

People who love and play games a lot would know that there are terms used specifically to men some things while playing. It is important to familiarize yourself with these terms. In the game Fortnite, the term OG is used to refer to a person or an individual who has had experience playing the game for a long time. It could also be used to refer to a cosmetic which only a steady and experienced player of the game could have.

What Does Og Mean In Dance Moms?

The word OG is obviously is not limited to a particular niche. It is used diversely even in movies no less. One of the more popular movies where it is used is in Dance Moms. In this movie, the term means Original girls’. The movie centres around a couple of young ladies who happen to be dancers and their struggles with keeping up with rehearsals, their mothers another dance instructor.

Og Kush Meaning?

There are different types and species of plants all over the world. Indian hemp is a common and well-known plant. it is also called weed, cannabis, hemp, kush, etc. It is commonly used as a stimulant. OG kush here refers to Ocean grown kush. it is said to be one of the most effective types of weeds. It is said to do well around the ocean. It is one of the most preferred and sought after type of weed for those who use it.

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What Does WYD Means?

Picture Of What Does wyd Mean

The shortening of lengthy sentences to smaller form is known as an abbreviation. This can be achieved either by taking the first few alphabets in the sentences or some strategic alphabet in the word or the phrase. Most names of organizations like the World Health Organization has the abbreviated form to be W.H.O., The Federal Bureau of Investigation has the acronym F.B.I. and several others.

These aforementioned acronyms are examples of formal acronyms. Several other abbreviations are also quite popular but are mostly used in chat and are informal. You can’t write an official letter and use such abbreviations. Due to the number of abbreviations that have been created, it is sometimes a challenge trying to figure out the meaning of some of these abbreviations.

For example,

What does WYD mean? WYD means ‘what you doing’. This is the generally know meaning of this phrase on chatting platforms. But, there may be a different meaning that some set of people gives to this abbreviation in their context. So, it is important that you understand the meaning that is given to a particular abbreviation in your region. 

What Is The Meaning Of WYD?

WYD is an acronym that means ‘what you doing’. This is a question that can be asked in a real-life situation. Though grammatically, the sentence should be ‘what are you doing?’ ‘What you doing’ is a common slang in greeting. This type of greeting is usually used in text and among friends. In what situations is this acronym used though?

Ways And How WYD Is Used?

WYD is an acronym commonly used online. The acronym is usually directed to a person as a question in just the same way the question might have been asked in a face-to-face conversation. It could be a sole question used to start a conversation or as a continuation of a former conversation.

WYD can be posted on general social media networks but it is mostly used in private conversations. It is used to gather information about the current happenings with a person so, it is hardly used in general posts. However, the exception to this is when WYD is used as a hypothetical comment on a situation or event.

WYD used in this instance does not refer to anyone in particular but is just a general statement. To help you further understand this, here are some of the ways WYD can be used.

  • As a friendly conversation starter

Friend 1: WYD

Friend 2: I’m taking my dog on a walk.

This is a typical conversation starter using this acronym. It is used between friends or casual acquaintances. It appears as a stand-alone question in this conversation.

  • In a continued conversation

Friend 1: I’m going to shoot some hoops

Friend 2: WYD after you are done?

Not only is this slang question used to continue a conversation, but it is also used as a part of a question instead of the entire question. WYD is usually used like this when the information requested is more specific.

  • In a general post

My sister used all my shampoo…WYD so ain’t nice.

This is an example of a hypothetical comment use of the slang ‘wyd’. It doesn’t require an answer from anyone. This kind of comment is used in status updates and posts.

Is There A Variation Of WYD?

Another way the question contained in the acronym ‘WYD’ is expressed is WUD.  There isn’t much of a difference between the two. As the word ‘you’ has often been represented by either of the two letters in slang like acronyms.

Therefore, you can either use ‘WYD’ or ‘WUD’ to ask the same question after that it would take to type out ‘what are you doing?’ You should be careful in the use of these acronyms as you do not want to mistakenly use them in a formal conversation or outing. There are also other acronyms with close meanings as wyd

Other Acronyms Used Like WYD

There are other acronyms too that follow the same pattern of the grammatical incorrectness and short three-letter acronyms. These acronyms have their meanings and the meaning of each have been placed at the front line.

  • WDM – This slang means ‘What You Doing’ This slang in full just means ‘ what are you doing’
  • WYS – This slang simply means ‘what you saying.’ This is short slang for the full sentence ‘what are you saying?’
  • WYO – This is an acronym of the question ‘What you on’. Its full question will be ‘what are you on’ which is a similar to WDM and WUD.

Any of these acronyms including WYD can be answered using the acronym, NMU.  NMU simply ‘Nothing much. You?’ While WYD and all other acronyms are great for casual conversations, make sure you do not overuse them to the extent that you ask your boss, WYD.


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Top 30 NSFW Reddits: Best Adult Subreddits You MUST See!

Reddit is an enormous aggregator of new and other media. Users can create subreddits for any topic they can think of, so needless to say there are many subreddits that are Not Safe (or Suitable) For Work. If you want to know the best NSFW Reddits, keep reading.

Everyone likes to keep things fresh. That is what makes Reddit so great! It is always updated with new content and the best stuff rises to the top. That is why I decide to collect some of my all-time favourite adult subreddits today.
Here is my all time favourite list of the top 30 (and growing!) NSFW subreddits:

nsfw reddit picture inside

1. /r/nsfw

To start with the most obvious subreddit. it has what you expect, lots of pics and gifs of attractive, naked women and couples. It features women flashing, sexual images and almost nude photos that show a lot of skin. This is great place to start when searching nsfw reddits

2. /r/HighResNSFW

This one is dedicated to high-resolution images. They also have a smaller subreddit Ultra High Res NSFW (r/UHDnsfw)


As you might imagine, this is a place where people anonymously tell the world things such as flashing or a naughty experience. Many of the post are text based, but member are encouraged to post images and videos, but only of themselves.

4. /r/OnOff

Images here must include a female clothed and undressed in the same post. There is also a /r/cosplayonoff, which is the same thing but with cosplay costumes.

5. /r/collegeamateurs
This is one of many college-themed nsfw reddits. It’s is your general amateur college girl image community.

6. /r/GirlswithGlasses

This subreddit is dedicated to women with glasses on in their photo. Frames and monocles are allowed but Snapchat glasses filters and sunglasses are not allowed. Hardcore content is allowed only if the image features the girl and the glasses.

7. /r/collegeinitiations

This one is self-explanatory. The moderator urges people to stick to the topic. There are plenty other NSFW subreddits that have random nudity of college students and this one is solely for sorority initiations.

8. /r/milf

This is all about hot moms, hence the famous acronym MILF. Similar subreddits include /r/AgedBeauty, /r/GoneWild40Plus, and /r/GoneWild30Plus, you get the picture.

9. /r/GoneWild

The place for open-minded Adult Redditors. With nearly 2 million subscribers, it’s one of the largest NSFW communities on Reddit.

10. /r/RealGirls

This subreddit only allows images to be added that feature professional models, pornstars, webcam models, or celebrities. You cannot post anything from r/GirlsGoneWild without their expressed written consent. Only real amateur women, but posting images of anyone you know from Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms is strictly prohibited. This also includes posting images of your ex-girlfriend as this is illegal.

11. /r/HotWife

This adult subreddit is for “hotwives”. It’s not for posting images of your wife because she looks attractive, it’s for married couples who participate in wife sharing.

12. /r/GroupOfNudeGirls

This one is exactly what it says it is. All posts must have at least 3 nude females in the image. Post cannot include men in any way. Hardcore content is permitted between women.

13. /r/Celebsnaked

All images must be nude or see-thru clothing. Posts from television and films are allowed and members are encouraged to add the name of the show or film. Celebrities should be well known, not just famous via social media unless they are immensely popular from it. So a model with 1 million followers doesn’t automatically qualify unless she is a household name in one way or another.

14. /r/lesbians

This subreddit dedicate to women being intimate with other women. videos, images, and gifs are allowed.

15. /r/PetiteGoneWild

This subreddit is all about small women. It doesn’t matter if they’re short, slim, or possess small body features. The content can be as mild or as wild as possible as long as you have fun and follow their rules.

16. /r/TinyTits

This a subreddit specifically for women with small breasts. Hardcore content is not allowed and only images of biological women are allowed.

17. /r/dirtysmall

This is the hardcore alternative to the previous subreddit.

18. /r/randomsexiness

is a subreddit featuring amateur girls of all sorts. One of the few NSFW subreddits that doesn’t allow nudity. Also, no models, celebrities or anyone with over 20,000 Instagram followers is permitted.

19. /r/WhyWearAnything

This is a subreddit made up completely of images that make you ask why did she bother wearing anything? This means very revealing clothes that leave very little for the imagination. Images of pornstars and amateurs are welcome. Flashing and topless images don’t count. Upskirt and downblouse photos are not allowed because the attire has to be revealed on its own, without help from angles. Lingerie and nightgowns are naturally revealing, and therefore are the type of images they want, but there are some exceptions. There are smaller, similar sister subreddits such as r/MicroBikini, r/SlingBikini, r/CrochetBikinis, r/Bikinis, and r/lineups.

20. /r/HotChicksWithTattoos

This is the most popular tattoo themed nsfw Reddits It allows pics to be from models and amateurs alike, but naming and linking to social media accounts of amateurs is prohibited. No hardcore content is allowed, neither are videos, Snapchat filters, low-quality photos or black and white photos.

21. /r/Nsfw_Amateurs

A large community of amateur porn. This is one of the top amateur adult reddits

22. /r/AskRedditAfterDark

This community is one of the few nsfw communities that is not image or video based. As the name suggests, it’s a forum for asking sex related questions. That doesn’t mean images aren’t allowed, but most posts are text based.

23. /r/WtSStaaDaMit

This subreddit’s name is from the lengthy acronym When The Sun Shines Through a Dress And Makes It Translucent. See-thru clothes and wet dresses are not what they want here. Nudity is not required.

24. /r/NSFW_Snapchat

Only screenshots and videos from Snapchat. There is also r/PremiumSnapchat and r/PremiumSnapchatReviews which is exactly what it says. Premium Snapchat accounts can be set up by anyone who wants to monetize their content on Snapchat. Most Premium Snapchat accounts belong to models who are looking to sell their own nude photos.

25. /r/braceface

Only photos of women who are over 18+ that have braces. Pictures of professional models are allowed here.

26. /r/GoneWildTube

Only videos here as well, and they must belong to the poster. The videos must be amateur videos featuring women who are not being paid to perform in said videos. Posts from major commercial websites are prohibited.

27. /r/ChangingRooms

Women in changing rooms are the theme here. However, no creepshots are allowed. The images here should be self-shot. Nudity is not required.

28. /r/PiercedNSFW

It’s all about nipple and genital piercings in this subreddit. Other piercings can be posted as well, but only if the image isn’t Safe for Work.

29. /r/realasians

This is an amateur Asian adult Reddit. No professional models or celebrities are allowed.

30. /r/AsiansGoneWild

Another Gone Wild subreddit, this is a place for women of Asian descent to post their own self-shot photos. Amateur photos are not allowed and should be posted to r/realasians and r/asiansnextdoor.


The list of NSFW subreddits is endless, but these some of the best nsfw reddits out there. Rules vary from subreddit to subreddit, but they all have rules.

Generally speaking, all communities on reddit have a lot of rules in common with each other, such as no reposting top posts, no spamming, and no self-promotion. No content featuring minors in any way is obviously a major rule for all of them. Rude comments and negativity usually results in an instant ban from the community.

Always be respectful to other members and report trolls if you encounter them. Most subreddits don’t allow brand new account to join and make posts until a predetermined period of time, which may vary from community to community.

Many of the communities have extensive verification processes for members who want to submit content, especially the amateur communities. Some limit how often you can post per day, while others don’t want you to make consecutive posts.

They also urge members to ignore posts they don’t like, rather than downvote or comment negatively. There are a seemingly endless sea of adult reddits, so if you don’t like something find move on to something else.

The Best Weekend Quotes For Instagram and Pinterest

The BEST Weekend Quotes For Instagram and Pinterest [HILARIOUS]

Leaving a couple of quotes on Instagram is a fun and easy way to stay in touch with your followers. These little quotes offer a bit of motivation, a smart quip or just a cute something to make people smile.

However, not all quotes are appropriate for every situation, even if they do relate to the weekend.

This is why you wanted to give you the best weekend quotes for every situation. Keep those you send to friends separate from the more generic ones you might use for work or for your customers.

To help, we have brought together the best weekend quotes for you.

Funny Weekend Quotes For Everyone

Sometimes you just want to leave a simple weekend quote on your Instagram feed. Something anyone can read, whether it is a business associate, friend or family member. Here are a few great quotes to use in this case.Smell of Pancakes, Cozy Couch, Relax and Enjoy. It’s the weekend.

It’s not that I spend five days looking forward to the weekend. It’s that I get to enjoy doing what I like best on those two days. Sleep – eat – watch corny movies.

I got you a little present. I think they called it Saturday and Sunday in the store. I hope you have fun with it.

I hope your weekend is full of rainbows.

Saturdays and Sundays are like fireworks floating in the air, moving in slow motion. In the end, you hope the wind will keep the glimmers of light blazing so they last a bit longer.

Instagram Weekend Quotes for Friends

The Best Weekend Quotes For Instagram and Pinterest

Sometimes you just want a few quotes you can add to your Instagram for your friends and family. You want a quote that will put a smile on their faces, something they can also share with other people. The following quotes work well on your personal Instagram.

They add just a little something to make your friends and family feel happy. Add a picture and one of these quotes and you will be on the fast track to popularity.

I would rather walk with a friend in the dawn of an early saturday morning than alone at dusk.

Friendship is hard to define. It is not something you learn. But if you don’t know the meaning of giving up your weekend to support a friend, you really haven’t learned anything about true friendship.

Over the weekend, find a few friends to challenge and inspire you. Spend time with them to recharge you batteries. It will change your life.

This weekend spend time with someone who knows you are and accepts what you have become.

Over the weekend, let’s just sit in silence and be comfortable.

There isn’t a word for old friends who have just met and love to spend the weekend together.

Saturday and Sunday were enemies until they sat down and talked like friends and found out they had a lot in common.

Friday is a day full of dreams and expectations of what the weekend will bring for us.

Friday is just a hop, jump and a skip away from our favorite two days of the week.

Fantastic Weekend Quotes for Work

weekend quotes for work
So here you are tasked with adding content to the Instagram feed at work. Friday comes along and you just can’t figure out what to add to the feed. There is nothing new, and no one wants to hear about more work at this point in time, so what do you do?

Here are some quotes that will make employees feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Friday is the key to happiness. It fits the weekend door and opens it to adventure for everyone.

Put a smile on your day. The weekend starts tomorrow. It will be a time of celebration.

Fridays can be the hardest day of the week. It is just to close to Saturday.

Why is Friday so far away when it is Monday, but so close to Monday when it is Friday.

Friday is the day to celebrate work well done.

It is 4:45 on Friday afternoon. It is margarita time.

Oh! It is Friday again. Share the love we haven’t seen all week.

Dear Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am in love with you.

Good vibes, don’t frown and let the monster see you smile. The weekend is just around the corner now.

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. –Ayn Rand

Great Weekend Quotes for Instagram

So what do you do when you just want a few generic weekend quotes? Let’s say your feed is peppered with friend followers and work followers, don’t worry, we’ve got some great quotes that fit this either/or situation.

It doesn’t count unless you spend the weekend doing something completely pointless.

It is a Happy END when the weekEND finally arrives.

The only reason to ask someone about their weekend is so you can tell them about your incredible weekend.

I hope your weekend was worth waiting for. Enjoy!

Strive to excel, but only on the weekend.

Smile. The weekend has arrived.

Hello, weekend! Where have you been hiding all week?

If the weekend were a real friend, I would give him/her a big kiss.

Make your weekend shine.

My best friend is my weekend.

Let’s Rock n Roll! The weekend is here.

Two days is just not enough for the weekend. There is just too much fun!

Life starts on Friday night.

Better days are soon to be here. They are called Saturday and Sunday.

It is the weekend. Do you know what I want to do? Nothing!

Sit on the front porch, read a book, start a conversation with the cat. It is called a wild and crazy weekend.
I’m feeling 100% motivated – to do absolutely nothing. It is the weekend!

Bottom Line

The weekends are the best time of the week. We need to celebrate the coming. Life’s too short to let the moment pass. So get out there, declare your intentions and celebrate the coming of the weekend.

Even if you aren’t a get out and go kind of weekend person, a quote left on Instagram is a great way to commemorate the days, make your friends and followers feel special.

It is just a little quip to help them remember what weekends should be about.