Picture of Which Ear Is The Gay Ear

Which Ear Is The Gay Ear?

Over the years, the wearing of earrings had been given different meanings by different people and groups either social, religious or cultural.

When a female wears earrings, it is interpreted quite differently from when a male does. What impression does the wearing of an earring give? What does earring on either side of the ear mean?

There had been varying views over the years. Some people think that the “earring thing” is not worth taking seriously when it comes to gayness while some believe that it shows a sexual preference.

Though some people still think there are some more hidden codes than just the wearing of earrings.

Which Ear Is The Gay Ear? The popular opinion suggests that the gay’s ear is the right ear as a writer started in the T Magazine in 2009 that ” the rule of thumb has always been that the right ear is the gay one” and the popular saying, “Left is right and right is wrong” where the wrong is used as a soft expression for gay.

History Of Earrings And Piercings

Ear piercings are now considered fashionable. We had people with 2 or more holes even with a pierced nose before. But, it wasn’t that prominent a couple of years ago, as it was part of the ways people alter their bodies.

An article in the New York Times in May 1991 explains that ear piercing was found among pirates and immigrants like gypsies but around the 1960s, more women in America started ear piercing. This was a sign of an imminent cultural change.

Over the years, there was an increase in piercing among men. Some had theirs on one ear while others on both but it was considered as being stylish or fashionable than related to sexual preference.

Ear piercing is an age-long practice practiced in the early civilization between 2000-1600 BCE. Archeological findings from walls in ancient Persia gave proof of men wearing earrings from some carved representation of the Persian soldiers wearing earrings.

Howard Carter, describing the Tutankhamun’s tomb explained that there were piercings on the Pharaoh’s ears. Though they were without earnings, earrings were seen in the tomb. Gold discs were also seen on the perforated ears of the burial mask.

Biblical accounts also showed that earnings were worn by children in ancient Egypt but it was specifically a female ornament in some parts of the world.

Men and women wore earrings in Ainu, though their men were forbidden from wearing it by their government during the last part of the 19th century. The Turkic people and Indians also have a history of earrings wearing.

Between the 15th and the 17th century, some males in the Western part of Europe started wearing earrings considering it fashionable.

Sailors also wore earnings indicating that they have traveled around the world or to show that they had passed through the equator. Then in the concluding years of the 1960s, gay men and hippies imbibed the practice.

Piercing on the right ear indicated gayness while the left side signified “straight” but over time, earring piercing is almost not an indication of sexual preference but it gradually became a fashion trend with huge encouragement from celebrities and performers.

Multiple piercing on one or both ears is increasingly becoming normal among males especially the young adults and many consider it cool.

amazing selling machine x review

Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review [2019]: All Your Questions Answered

Is the Amazing Selling Machine Actually Worth Its $4,997 Price Tag?
It is always a bit unsettling to invest your hard-earned money into something. You may have been through 1 or 2 courses full of broken promises of changing your life. You cannot afford to make such a mistake again.
If you are completely new to the world of startup entrepreneurship, you as probably already skeptical about making an investment of this magnitude for an online training program. Here, you will have an in-depth look into the ASM course to let you know exactly what it is all about.
Everything the course has to offer will be covered, from reviewing the modules to reviewing the structure of the course along with the overall design and presentation. No stone shall be left unturned. It will be a comprehensive review that covers the good, the bad, and everything in-between.

What is the Amazon Selling Machine 11 (ASM)?

amazing selling machine logo

It is a popular online training course that reveals the steps you need to take to get started with your own e-commerce business, starting from scratch. It is designed to show you how you can use the Amazon platform for selling physical goods to consumers all over the world.
Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) service is what makes this possible. Amazon Selling Machine is one of the leading e-commerce business courses in the market and has been since its launch more than 5 years ago.
ASM 11 is actually the latest and 11th installment of the program. It has been overhauled completely to include the best and latest Amazon FBA strategies.

Why Choose Amazon?

Amazon Selling Machine has been structured around the launching and growing of your brand on the Amazon platform. Why? Amazon is the best platform for you to start selling physical goods online successfully.
Case in Point?
amazing revenue growth for amazon
According to Statista in 2018, Amazon grossed more than $232.89 billion in revenue, which is quite impressive, but even more impressive when you remember that it was $55 billion more than 2017. Amazon seems to be experiencing exponential growth with no signs of slowing down.
The numbers are market leading in the e-commerce world, which is why it would make sense that ASM has been established around initially establishing your presence on the platform. Amazon is also a highly trusted brand/platform and its conversion rate speaks for itself.
A study revealed that the top 500 retailers online have an average conversion rate of 3.32 percent, which is quite respectable. However, Amazon is completely different, with a conversion rate of 13 percent for standard customers and a mind-boggling 74 percent for Prime members.

Have you any idea just how big of a deal this is?

For businesses that sell their products on the platform, these are completely game-changing numbers. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs have experienced amazing success by listing their products via Amazon FBA.

What Do You Get When You Sign Up for Amazing Selling Machine 11?

a look at amazing selling machine

You will get an 8-week training program that will equip you with the skills required to develop the business of your dreams. You gain access to the mentorship program, the private resource vault, as well as an exclusive community of business owners who have been successful.
ASM reports that the mentors available to you have sold more than 1 million dollars each in their own business. You will also enjoy lifetime access to the ASM community forum where you can take part in private group coaching calls. You will also enjoy access to an expert product listing evaluation as well as target traffic promotion from ASM experts for your product.
The private resource vault is the final part of ASM, which gives you access to contacts and templates that you can use in your business. You can have peace of mind knowing that you will receive guidance regarding deciding what products you should sell.
You will quickly learn how you can get your business off the ground. The ASM course will guide you on how to operate the business. You will be confident knowing that you are only using highly effective methods and strategies.
Once you complete your training, you will also learn how to scale the business. Amazing Selling Machine provides all the training that’s required to build your business and scale it to greater heights even if you don’t have any prior business experience.

Who Are the Founders/Creators of Amazing Selling Machine?

The Amazing Selling Machine company was founded by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark. The two run their business from Austin, Texas and have been doing so since back in June 2012 if you check Jason’s LinkedIn profile.
The question that you probably have is, who are these people? And can you really trust them to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals?

Founder #1: Matt Clark

Matt originally grew up in Houston in Texas and later moved to Austin in Texas also to launch the Amazing Selling Machine with Jason Katzenback.
If you search for information on Matt, you will find his website where he provides some interesting insights on the tough time he had growing up and getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. He says that he went from breaking into people’s houses and doing drugs to building profitable businesses.
Matt is featured on several guest posts along with convincing podcast interviews but he can definitely do a much better job when it comes to communicating his story and personal brand via his own website.

Founder #2: Jason Katzenback

Jason is more active outside ASM. You will find him on LinkedIn and he has even published several articles covering different topics on Medium.com.

Jason started his Internet career by successfully selling e-books on his blogs and earning anywhere from $5 to $15,000 a month back in 2003, which is quite impressive. He started Portal Feeder in 2005, which is a training company that taught new entrepreneurs how to launch their own businesses. He met Matt Clark in 2012.
To cut a long story short, Matt was earning a tidy sum through private-label products on Amazon FBA when they met. Jason was apparently impressed and he too wanted a piece of the action. Matt then took him under his wing and he was supposedly earning $100,000+ in profit every month on Amazon.
The two consequently went on to launch ASM the same year.

What’s inside the Amazing Selling Machine X Course?

The ASM course is an online course designed to run for 8 weeks, but you complete at your own pace. The step-by-step training is provided along with detailed information on how to sell on the Amazon platform successfully.

Welcome Module: The ASM Business Process and Mindset

The welcome module gets you set up for the rest of the course, it will get you pumped up – so don’t skip out on this one!

Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List

The first module provides a sizeable chunk of the content and is designed to help you establish the foundation of your physical product business. Here, you will learn several powerful strategies for sourcing products to ensure that you start on the right footing.

Module 2: Suppliers, Samples, and Profit Numbers

The second module is all about understanding your numbers. From finding the best suppliers to profit margins and product tweaking – the module will teach you how to create products superior to those of your competitors while making sure that you retain decent profit margins.

Module 3: Ordering the Inventory and Creating Your Brand

The third module will see you taking a massive step towards going live with your e-commerce business, which is ordering the inventory. You will also design the packaging of the product, review samples of the product, and ship the product to Amazon.

Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets

In this part of the training, you will learn all about brand assets. If you don’t know what brand assets are, the best definition is anything that can add value to your brand. Examples of brand assets include the product itself, free content shared with potential customers, and your website.
The fourth module thus teaches you how to set up your brand website, social media profiles, and lead capture pages.

Module 5: The Perfect Product Page

The fifth module is all about how to make your sales stand out. You must first have an amazing product page if you want to sell and this is exactly what the module is all about.

Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch

The Perfect Product Launch module is what sets ASM 11 apart from the rest. It is basically the perfect product blueprint that will let you compete in your niche without doing anything shady. It is all about getting sales and reviews by dropping the perfect product promotion.

Module 7: Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools

Module 7 is where you gain access to the free tools recommended by ASM and testing them out to find out whether they are the best fit for your business or not.

Module 8: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

The eighth module focuses on strategies you can use to scale your business to the next level by marketing and outsourcing.

How Does Amazing Selling Machine Help You Exactly?

The ASM 11 is designed to equip you with the know-how required for selling on Amazon successfully. ASM has developed what it refers to as the “Momentum Learning Method” to help you get very quickly.
It is up to you to decide the amount of time and money you wish to invest in the business. Just log in to the training module, follow the lesson for that week to build the business step-by-step. Once you have watched the video lesson, take the action item in that lesson to grow the business.
After you complete one step, you then proceed to the next video lesson to keep developing the business. You enjoy access to the training for as long as you need it. The only question you need to ask yourself is how much the training program costs.

What is the Price of Amazing Selling Machine?

The training program costs $4,997, which can be a large investment in your eyes. What other costs should you also consider? You will have to invest in the product too.
You determine the amount of money that you will put into the product inventory. So, you should not only consider the cost of the product, but other costs to such as labeling fees, import tax, and shipping costs.
Fortunately, you can join the Amazing Selling Machine now but invest in the product later. ASM is backed by a 100 percent refund in 30 days, which makes it a risk-free investment. It means that if you are not satisfied with the product for whatever reason, you can get a full refund within 30 days.
What’s To Love About ASM 11:
  • Supportive community
  • Experts answer questions quickly
  • 35+ hours of in-depth step-by-step training
  •  8-week easy-to-follow training
  • Expert product listing evaluation
  • The course is constantly updated
What’s Not To Love About ASM 11:
  • Enrolment not always open
  • Cost
  • Competing programs provide product/industry-specific training

Check Out Amazing Selling Machine’s FREE Brand Builder Blueprint Training HERE!

Benefits of Joining Amazing Selling Machine 11

The price is perhaps the greatest complaint with the Amazing Selling Machine. It is definitely a lot of money for most people. Other competing programs range anywhere from $300 to $400, but those don’t even come close to what ASM offers.
How you can look at the price of the Amazing Selling Machine is that your college education probably cost much more than this product but it probably didn’t teach you even half of the real-world skills that you will gain by investing in ASM.
At the end of the day, you must consider whether spending $5000 on a program that can help you earn upwards of $60,000 is a worthwhile investment.
The fact that all the information is constantly updated is one more thing you will love about the course. It means that in case Amazon or the suppliers ever decides to make drastic changes, you will know about it immediately.
Amazon Selling Machine also has an amazing community, which means that all your questions are answered promptly by actual people who in most cases have actually sold millions of dollars on the platform. So, you can be sure that the answers you get are legit.

How to Join ASM 11 if It’s Not Available

If you would like to join Amazing Selling Machine, please keep in mind that the enrolment links do expire. It means that you might be unable to join ASM because you can only join a few times per year.
If you find that the enrolment link has expired, you can still sign up for the free webinar and just register to be put on the waiting list.

Why Do People Call Amazing Selling Machine a Scam?

If you search for ASM-related information, you are likely to find the term “scam” associated with it. You might be surprised at first to find that such an established product with numerous members and glowing testimonials is regarded as such. However, ASM has earned a reputation for one big reason:
The Price: While it isn’t the actual reason why some people consider the ASM a scam, it is important to understand how the negative perception towards ASM comes from the price.
It costs a rather large amount of $4,997, which is a one-time fee. If you find it too high, you can pay in six monthly installments of $997 for a total of $5,982. This is the price for the period from when the product opens to the public, but it will increase if you fail to sign up without delay.
ASM costs $3,995 on average historically. Its price increased by $1,002 for the latest version of the program. To its credit, however, ASM was not available to new members until ASM X was launched, which explains the surge in pricing.

What Do You Get?

When you pay for the program, you will enjoy access to every new version without having to pay for it again. Think of it as an investment where you only pay once and receive updated information on making money on the Amazon platform particularly if there are major changes in the Amazon algorithm or business model.
To offset its cost, the Amazing Selling Machine offers 2 guarantees:
First, the 30-day money-back guarantee lets you refund the payment before 30 days if you feel that it isn’t for you. This will give you sufficient time to browse through the modules, interact with community members, and test out the tools availed to you.
The second guarantee is the 6-month Buy-Back Promise. ASM promises to refund your payment in exchange for your Amazon business if you are not satisfied with your progress after 6 months of implementing the lessons of each module. ASM will even pay up to $10,000 for your inventory and stock left in the Amazon warehouse.

Amazing Selling Machine: Coaching Calls and Other Bonuses

The core modules of the ASM deliver the main course of this premium training product. However, there are more benefits you should consider before deciding whether or not to invest in the course, which is exactly what will be covered in this section.
Investing in a training program like ASM is about much more than high-level practical training. You are thus probably asking yourself questions such as:
  • Does the Amazing Selling Machine have a supportive and inspiring community?
  • Will any type of personal mentoring be offered if I need a helping hand?
  • Does the Amazing Selling Machine have a monetary guarantee if it isn’t for me?
It is now time to find out more!

The Private Resource Vault

It is a curated collection of documents, tools, and useful links to help you launch and grow your e-commerce business.
The Vault has 2 main sections:
  •  Resource Links
  •  Module Resources
The resource links are pretty much what it says on the tin. You can find web links to online tools that I’ll help you when it comes to setting up various aspects of the business. The links are categorized into subject matter groups.
The Module Resources section is where you will find all the files bundled with the ASM core training segments. They contain a list of PDFs, which are separated by module number.
Simply put, the Private Resource Vault is basically a shortcut that helps you save time by using tried and true processes and tools to build your business.

The Community

Having a supportive and active community is key to any successful online training program. The ASM community scores highly in several areas – from engagement to general inspiration and expert help.
The community is hosted natively within the back-office dashboard, which makes a change to the usual Facebook groups that course owners today are setting up.

The Unconditional Guarantee

The refund policy is almost always a very accurate representation of the quality of the course. If you find a policy shrouded in mystery fine print with several weird conditions attached, you had better keep your distance.
On the contrary, a clear product refund policy inspires confidence and establishes trust. Fortunately, ASM offers a respectable one:
A 30-day money-back guarantee!
If the course does not meet your expectations, you can get a refund of your money with no strings attached.

Check Out Amazing Selling Machine’s FREE Brand Builder Blueprint Training HERE!


The great thing about Amazing Selling Machine that you probably won’t find with other programs, is that it is designed for virtually anybody to use. It will walk you through everything you need, which means that you don’t require prior experience or knowledge to be successful.
Amazing Selling Machine is also run and managed by FBA experts who can guide you and help with any issues that might arise. All you need to achieve your goals is to have the drive.
So, is ASM a worthwhile investment? Yes. You will be very happy with it and the only regret will be not having done it earlier. The one-on-one attention is what makes it particularly worthwhile and it is also why so many people have been successful with it.
If you do some research, you will come across numerous success stories from ASM students. It is what sets it apart from other FBA courses. ASM is simply unmatched when it comes to online programs that teach you how to successfully build a business through drop shipping.
If drop shipping is your interest and ASM is within your budget, then this high-quality program is just what you need.

(*) TYPICALITY DISCLAIMER: These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had a median annual revenue of $60,750.00.

The claims presented on our website are not represented as predictions or forecasts that anyone who joins will experience success. Concerning future performance or results, no guarantee of any kind is implied. Individual results will vary depending on many factors outside our control, including the degree of effort made by each individual and the time, skill and ability they can devote to the business. Although these claims are truthful statements about results obtained by our customers, the results obtained by our customers are not necessarily typical. Some customers have little to no profit.

Affiliate Disclaimer:  Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to ASMX and I will make a small commission to help continue to run this site.

Picture of Instagram Husband

What Is An Instagram Husband?

Over 80 million photos are shared on Instagram daily. And, about 3.5 billion likes are given. The desire to put up your photo out there and get positive responses has always been the goal of everyone that uses the Instagram platform.

Little wonder people go as far as getting for themselves Instagram husband just in the bid to get that perfect shot.

Who Is An Instagram Husband? The actual meaning of the word is anybody who makes all of your perfect Instagram pictures possible. He or she is basically the person behind the camera taking all those shots and making sure your Instagram pictures turn out well.

A recent podcast on technology titled ‘Why’d you push that button’ by Kaitlyn Tiffany gave justice to the meaning of the word. This is your go-to person for shots and can stop at no length to make sure you look good.

10 Tips To Become A Super Instagram Husband

Now that you know an Instagram husband is not necessarily someone you are having a romantic relationship with, these tips apply both to if you are acting as an Instagram Husband your spouse or a total stranger.

  1. Pick A Background

Being a good Instagram husband involves quite a lot of work and input. There are a number of things to consider.

While visiting a new place or on a vacation where there are old memorial buildings or traditional houses, these might be perfect spots for your background. They will easily capture the attention of people and pique people’s interest.

  1. Chose The Right Lighting

Generally, one of the rules of taking a perfect professional picture is light. When it is too much, there is overexposure: and when it is too dim, it is too gloomy.

Getting an accurate quantity of light is essential for Instagram likes. It is your responsibility to make sure that your Instagram wife gets all the attention she deserves through her picture from her followers.

Whatever posture she takes or assumes, as long as she is positioning herself in the right angle and spot, she is good to go.

  1. Give Symmetrical Shots

Most often than not Instagram photos are taken with smartphone cameras. These cameras make it easy to take shots that are perfectly symmetrical as you can place the object in the center of the screen.

Try to avoid slant or bent pictures especially if the backgrounds are landscapes, streets or buildings. Always remember the object should be placed at the middle always, this helps reduce avoidable mistakes.

  1. Give It Space

There are good ways to take a picture and there are great ways to do it. To be a great Instagram husband, you need to learn how to maximize and make good use of your space to put your object in the spotlight.

If you are having an outdoor shoot with a great landscape, make sure to capture as much of it as possible while your object occupies a small part of the picture.

This would call the attention to her especially If she is at a strategic point. She could probably be leaning on a door frame. This rule in photography is called “rule of thirds”.

  1. Capture Movements

This is one of the most appreciated types of shots because this shows the object in her natural state. The idea behind this shot is to take her while she is doing her everyday activities.

The pictures tell a story about what she loves doing. It could be while she is cooking or while she is out exploring or meeting people.

Helpfully, technology has helped to make this work easier. There is now a phone that can capture moving objects.   You could decide to take continuous shots while she is doing something to get the perfect pictures to select from.

  1. Try Different Angles

The idea behind this is to uncover and also discover new sides to your Instagram wife that had yet to be seen. Just be spontaneous. Try different angles that are far from the conventional. Be less predictable and just snap away.

Explore that crazy idea lurking in your head. Just take as many risks as possible as long as they are safe. It doesn’t always have to be a selfie or a head shot.  Try that angle you saw in a magazine, go the field and try new things. Just step out of your comfort zone.

  1. Get Her Smile

A smile they say is the best makeup. Everybody looks good when they smile. So at times, it may not necessarily be about the posture or the background. This time you and the camera and fully focused on your wife. The idea is to get the perfect moment on camera and keep it alive forever.

You could be intentional about how to get her to smile. You could make up a joke, or tease her or even get her breakfast in bed. The smile could also come by chance, it really doesn’t matter as long as you get her to crack up a beautiful smile for the camera.

  1. Find Out Interesting Details

At times when pictures are taken, what we had in mind might not be what we eventually see. There might turn out to be details you were not expecting in the pictures. And at times, these are what makes the pictures to be exceptional.

It does not necessarily have to be the most beautiful feature in the picture, it could be an old rickety chair, or blue flowers or even a bird on a line. These things happen to be all around. Just pay attention to them.

  1. Have A Conversation

One of the ways to get the best shot of a person or of your wife is to engage her in a conversation. This way you get to capture her in her most energetic form especially if it involves a topic she is passionate about.

Taking a picture of her while communication will get you a clearer view of her person and preference. On the other hand, the conversation could be about the picture itself and how you want it to turn out.

Let her know what direction she needs to face when she needs to smile and what angle you want her to be. This would save a whole lot of stress and even save time for you and her. You also get a better outcome.

  1. Always Be Patient

One thing every photographer will tell you is that you can never run out of patience. You can spend an entire day taking pictures and trying to get the perfect angle.

You could use this opportunity to bind with your wife while enduring through the process. At the end of the day, you will find out that you get some of the most beautiful pictures.

What Does Og Mean?

Picture Of What Does Og Mean

The history of slang is still unknown. There are several articles online that have dated this usage of words to the eighteen century when a word like ‘bad’ was used to refer to something that is good. This assertion is however not verifiable. So many usages of slag might have occurred even before pen and paper was invented.

Also, the scarcity of slag usage in old writings can be due to the fact that slangs are mostly used when communicating verbally. So it is seldom to find people write stories, or report the event using slang language.

But, however, some slangs have found their way into the dictionaries. Aside from the dictionary specifically dedicated to slangs, you will find words like ‘Og’ in some modern dictionaries. Og has several meanings in the dictionary.

But, What Does Og Means As A Slang? The word Og is used to refer to a person that is authentic, incredibly exceptional, or old-school. So, when someone calls you an Og, depending on the context of usage, you should not take it as an insult. They are simply giving a positive commendation.

The term OG means different things in different spheres, on the street, when the term is mentioned what comes to mind is “Original Gangster’. As opposed to what the word implies, the meaning of this term is to describe someone that is very loyal and faithful. It is often found to be used by rappers and hip hop singers.

There are other usages of Og that may have a different meaning depending on where it is been used. Read on for more.

What Does OG Mean in Shoe?

The word OG in the shoe industry is used to refer to the first release of sneakers. Just like ‘Retro’ means a re-release of a shoe model, ‘OG’ is used to refer to the first release of a shoe model.

In 1968, Adidas released a shoe that was referenced to as OG. And since that time its appearance has barely changed. Even at this, the shoe model is still one of the brands’ best-selling shoe design of all time.

Note the Og in slang is spelled ‘Og’, while the term ‘OG’ for shoe brands is spelled ‘OG’. To make that more explicit, the difference is the ‘G’. One always has the two alphabets in capital letter, while the other has flexible formatting while writing. Words like this are called homographs.

What Does Og Mean In Fortnite?

People who love and play games a lot would know that there are terms used specifically to men some things while playing. It is important to familiarize yourself with these terms. In the game Fortnite, the term OG is used to refer to a person or an individual who has had experience playing the game for a long time. It could also be used to refer to a cosmetic which only a steady and experienced player of the game could have.

What Does Og Mean In Dance Moms?

The word OG is obviously is not limited to a particular niche. It is used diversely even in movies no less. One of the more popular movies where it is used is in Dance Moms. In this movie, the term means Original girls’. The movie centres around a couple of young ladies who happen to be dancers and their struggles with keeping up with rehearsals, their mothers another dance instructor.

Og Kush Meaning?

There are different types and species of plants all over the world. Indian hemp is a common and well-known plant. it is also called weed, cannabis, hemp, kush, etc. It is commonly used as a stimulant. OG kush here refers to Ocean grown kush. it is said to be one of the most effective types of weeds. It is said to do well around the ocean. It is one of the most preferred and sought after type of weed for those who use it.

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What Does WYD Means?

Picture Of What Does wyd Mean

The shortening of lengthy sentences to smaller form is known as an abbreviation. This can be achieved either by taking the first few alphabets in the sentences or some strategic alphabet in the word or the phrase. Most names of organizations like the World Health Organization has the abbreviated form to be W.H.O., The Federal Bureau of Investigation has the acronym F.B.I. and several others.

These aforementioned acronyms are examples of formal acronyms. Several other abbreviations are also quite popular but are mostly used in chat and are informal. You can’t write an official letter and use such abbreviations. Due to the number of abbreviations that have been created, it is sometimes a challenge trying to figure out the meaning of some of these abbreviations.

For example,

What does WYD mean? WYD means ‘what you doing’. This is the generally know meaning of this phrase on chatting platforms. But, there may be a different meaning that some set of people gives to this abbreviation in their context. So, it is important that you understand the meaning that is given to a particular abbreviation in your region. 

What Is The Meaning Of WYD?

WYD is an acronym that means ‘what you doing’. This is a question that can be asked in a real-life situation. Though grammatically, the sentence should be ‘what are you doing?’ ‘What you doing’ is a common slang in greeting. This type of greeting is usually used in text and among friends. In what situations is this acronym used though?

Ways And How WYD Is Used?

WYD is an acronym commonly used online. The acronym is usually directed to a person as a question in just the same way the question might have been asked in a face-to-face conversation. It could be a sole question used to start a conversation or as a continuation of a former conversation.

WYD can be posted on general social media networks but it is mostly used in private conversations. It is used to gather information about the current happenings with a person so, it is hardly used in general posts. However, the exception to this is when WYD is used as a hypothetical comment on a situation or event.

WYD used in this instance does not refer to anyone in particular but is just a general statement. To help you further understand this, here are some of the ways WYD can be used.

  • As a friendly conversation starter

Friend 1: WYD

Friend 2: I’m taking my dog on a walk.

This is a typical conversation starter using this acronym. It is used between friends or casual acquaintances. It appears as a stand-alone question in this conversation.

  • In a continued conversation

Friend 1: I’m going to shoot some hoops

Friend 2: WYD after you are done?

Not only is this slang question used to continue a conversation, but it is also used as a part of a question instead of the entire question. WYD is usually used like this when the information requested is more specific.

  • In a general post

My sister used all my shampoo…WYD so ain’t nice.

This is an example of a hypothetical comment use of the slang ‘wyd’. It doesn’t require an answer from anyone. This kind of comment is used in status updates and posts.

Is There A Variation Of WYD?

Another way the question contained in the acronym ‘WYD’ is expressed is WUD.  There isn’t much of a difference between the two. As the word ‘you’ has often been represented by either of the two letters in slang like acronyms.

Therefore, you can either use ‘WYD’ or ‘WUD’ to ask the same question after that it would take to type out ‘what are you doing?’ You should be careful in the use of these acronyms as you do not want to mistakenly use them in a formal conversation or outing. There are also other acronyms with close meanings as wyd

Other Acronyms Used Like WYD

There are other acronyms too that follow the same pattern of the grammatical incorrectness and short three-letter acronyms. These acronyms have their meanings and the meaning of each have been placed at the front line.

  • WDM – This slang means ‘What You Doing’ This slang in full just means ‘ what are you doing’
  • WYS – This slang simply means ‘what you saying.’ This is short slang for the full sentence ‘what are you saying?’
  • WYO – This is an acronym of the question ‘What you on’. Its full question will be ‘what are you on’ which is a similar to WDM and WUD.

Any of these acronyms including WYD can be answered using the acronym, NMU.  NMU simply ‘Nothing much. You?’ While WYD and all other acronyms are great for casual conversations, make sure you do not overuse them to the extent that you ask your boss, WYD.


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Top 30 NSFW Reddits: Best Adult Subreddits You MUST See!

Reddit is an enormous aggregator of new and other media. Users can create subreddits for any topic they can think of, so needless to say there are many subreddits that are Not Safe (or Suitable) For Work. If you want to know the best NSFW Reddits, keep reading.

Everyone likes to keep things fresh. That is what makes Reddit so great! It is always updated with new content and the best stuff rises to the top. That is why I decide to collect some of my all-time favourite adult subreddits today.
Here is my all time favourite list of the top 30 (and growing!) NSFW subreddits:

nsfw reddit picture inside

1. /r/nsfw

To start with the most obvious subreddit. it has what you expect, lots of pics and gifs of attractive, naked women and couples. It features women flashing, sexual images and almost nude photos that show a lot of skin. This is great place to start when searching nsfw reddits

2. /r/HighResNSFW

This one is dedicated to high-resolution images. They also have a smaller subreddit Ultra High Res NSFW (r/UHDnsfw)


As you might imagine, this is a place where people anonymously tell the world things such as flashing or a naughty experience. Many of the post are text based, but member are encouraged to post images and videos, but only of themselves.

4. /r/OnOff

Images here must include a female clothed and undressed in the same post. There is also a /r/cosplayonoff, which is the same thing but with cosplay costumes.

5. /r/collegeamateurs
This is one of many college-themed nsfw reddits. It’s is your general amateur college girl image community.

6. /r/GirlswithGlasses

This subreddit is dedicated to women with glasses on in their photo. Frames and monocles are allowed but Snapchat glasses filters and sunglasses are not allowed. Hardcore content is allowed only if the image features the girl and the glasses.

7. /r/collegeinitiations

This one is self-explanatory. The moderator urges people to stick to the topic. There are plenty other NSFW subreddits that have random nudity of college students and this one is solely for sorority initiations.

8. /r/milf

This is all about hot moms, hence the famous acronym MILF. Similar subreddits include /r/AgedBeauty, /r/GoneWild40Plus, and /r/GoneWild30Plus, you get the picture.

9. /r/GoneWild

The place for open-minded Adult Redditors. With nearly 2 million subscribers, it’s one of the largest NSFW communities on Reddit.

10. /r/RealGirls

This subreddit only allows images to be added that feature professional models, pornstars, webcam models, or celebrities. You cannot post anything from r/GirlsGoneWild without their expressed written consent. Only real amateur women, but posting images of anyone you know from Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms is strictly prohibited. This also includes posting images of your ex-girlfriend as this is illegal.

11. /r/HotWife

This adult subreddit is for “hotwives”. It’s not for posting images of your wife because she looks attractive, it’s for married couples who participate in wife sharing.

12. /r/GroupOfNudeGirls

This one is exactly what it says it is. All posts must have at least 3 nude females in the image. Post cannot include men in any way. Hardcore content is permitted between women.

13. /r/Celebsnaked

All images must be nude or see-thru clothing. Posts from television and films are allowed and members are encouraged to add the name of the show or film. Celebrities should be well known, not just famous via social media unless they are immensely popular from it. So a model with 1 million followers doesn’t automatically qualify unless she is a household name in one way or another.

14. /r/lesbians

This subreddit dedicate to women being intimate with other women. videos, images, and gifs are allowed.

15. /r/PetiteGoneWild

This subreddit is all about small women. It doesn’t matter if they’re short, slim, or possess small body features. The content can be as mild or as wild as possible as long as you have fun and follow their rules.

16. /r/TinyTits

This a subreddit specifically for women with small breasts. Hardcore content is not allowed and only images of biological women are allowed.

17. /r/dirtysmall

This is the hardcore alternative to the previous subreddit.

18. /r/randomsexiness

is a subreddit featuring amateur girls of all sorts. One of the few NSFW subreddits that doesn’t allow nudity. Also, no models, celebrities or anyone with over 20,000 Instagram followers is permitted.

19. /r/WhyWearAnything

This is a subreddit made up completely of images that make you ask why did she bother wearing anything? This means very revealing clothes that leave very little for the imagination. Images of pornstars and amateurs are welcome. Flashing and topless images don’t count. Upskirt and downblouse photos are not allowed because the attire has to be revealed on its own, without help from angles. Lingerie and nightgowns are naturally revealing, and therefore are the type of images they want, but there are some exceptions. There are smaller, similar sister subreddits such as r/MicroBikini, r/SlingBikini, r/CrochetBikinis, r/Bikinis, and r/lineups.

20. /r/HotChicksWithTattoos

This is the most popular tattoo themed nsfw Reddits It allows pics to be from models and amateurs alike, but naming and linking to social media accounts of amateurs is prohibited. No hardcore content is allowed, neither are videos, Snapchat filters, low-quality photos or black and white photos.

21. /r/Nsfw_Amateurs

A large community of amateur porn. This is one of the top amateur adult reddits

22. /r/AskRedditAfterDark

This community is one of the few nsfw communities that is not image or video based. As the name suggests, it’s a forum for asking sex related questions. That doesn’t mean images aren’t allowed, but most posts are text based.

23. /r/WtSStaaDaMit

This subreddit’s name is from the lengthy acronym When The Sun Shines Through a Dress And Makes It Translucent. See-thru clothes and wet dresses are not what they want here. Nudity is not required.

24. /r/NSFW_Snapchat

Only screenshots and videos from Snapchat. There is also r/PremiumSnapchat and r/PremiumSnapchatReviews which is exactly what it says. Premium Snapchat accounts can be set up by anyone who wants to monetize their content on Snapchat. Most Premium Snapchat accounts belong to models who are looking to sell their own nude photos.

25. /r/braceface

Only photos of women who are over 18+ that have braces. Pictures of professional models are allowed here.

26. /r/GoneWildTube

Only videos here as well, and they must belong to the poster. The videos must be amateur videos featuring women who are not being paid to perform in said videos. Posts from major commercial websites are prohibited.

27. /r/ChangingRooms

Women in changing rooms are the theme here. However, no creepshots are allowed. The images here should be self-shot. Nudity is not required.

28. /r/PiercedNSFW

It’s all about nipple and genital piercings in this subreddit. Other piercings can be posted as well, but only if the image isn’t Safe for Work.

29. /r/realasians

This is an amateur Asian adult Reddit. No professional models or celebrities are allowed.

30. /r/AsiansGoneWild

Another Gone Wild subreddit, this is a place for women of Asian descent to post their own self-shot photos. Amateur photos are not allowed and should be posted to r/realasians and r/asiansnextdoor.


The list of NSFW subreddits is endless, but these some of the best nsfw reddits out there. Rules vary from subreddit to subreddit, but they all have rules.

Generally speaking, all communities on reddit have a lot of rules in common with each other, such as no reposting top posts, no spamming, and no self-promotion. No content featuring minors in any way is obviously a major rule for all of them. Rude comments and negativity usually results in an instant ban from the community.

Always be respectful to other members and report trolls if you encounter them. Most subreddits don’t allow brand new account to join and make posts until a predetermined period of time, which may vary from community to community.

Many of the communities have extensive verification processes for members who want to submit content, especially the amateur communities. Some limit how often you can post per day, while others don’t want you to make consecutive posts.

They also urge members to ignore posts they don’t like, rather than downvote or comment negatively. There are a seemingly endless sea of adult reddits, so if you don’t like something find move on to something else.

The Best Weekend Quotes For Instagram and Pinterest

The BEST Weekend Quotes For Instagram and Pinterest [HILARIOUS]

Leaving a couple of quotes on Instagram is a fun and easy way to stay in touch with your followers. These little quotes offer a bit of motivation, a smart quip or just a cute something to make people smile.

However, not all quotes are appropriate for every situation, even if they do relate to the weekend.

This is why you wanted to give you the best weekend quotes for every situation. Keep those you send to friends separate from the more generic ones you might use for work or for your customers.

To help, we have brought together the best weekend quotes for you.

Funny Weekend Quotes For Everyone

Sometimes you just want to leave a simple weekend quote on your Instagram feed. Something anyone can read, whether it is a business associate, friend or family member. Here are a few great quotes to use in this case.Smell of Pancakes, Cozy Couch, Relax and Enjoy. It’s the weekend.

It’s not that I spend five days looking forward to the weekend. It’s that I get to enjoy doing what I like best on those two days. Sleep – eat – watch corny movies.

I got you a little present. I think they called it Saturday and Sunday in the store. I hope you have fun with it.

I hope your weekend is full of rainbows.

Saturdays and Sundays are like fireworks floating in the air, moving in slow motion. In the end, you hope the wind will keep the glimmers of light blazing so they last a bit longer.

Instagram Weekend Quotes for Friends

The Best Weekend Quotes For Instagram and Pinterest

Sometimes you just want a few quotes you can add to your Instagram for your friends and family. You want a quote that will put a smile on their faces, something they can also share with other people. The following quotes work well on your personal Instagram.

They add just a little something to make your friends and family feel happy. Add a picture and one of these quotes and you will be on the fast track to popularity.

I would rather walk with a friend in the dawn of an early saturday morning than alone at dusk.

Friendship is hard to define. It is not something you learn. But if you don’t know the meaning of giving up your weekend to support a friend, you really haven’t learned anything about true friendship.

Over the weekend, find a few friends to challenge and inspire you. Spend time with them to recharge you batteries. It will change your life.

This weekend spend time with someone who knows you are and accepts what you have become.

Over the weekend, let’s just sit in silence and be comfortable.

There isn’t a word for old friends who have just met and love to spend the weekend together.

Saturday and Sunday were enemies until they sat down and talked like friends and found out they had a lot in common.

Friday is a day full of dreams and expectations of what the weekend will bring for us.

Friday is just a hop, jump and a skip away from our favorite two days of the week.

Fantastic Weekend Quotes for Work

weekend quotes for work
So here you are tasked with adding content to the Instagram feed at work. Friday comes along and you just can’t figure out what to add to the feed. There is nothing new, and no one wants to hear about more work at this point in time, so what do you do?

Here are some quotes that will make employees feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Friday is the key to happiness. It fits the weekend door and opens it to adventure for everyone.

Put a smile on your day. The weekend starts tomorrow. It will be a time of celebration.

Fridays can be the hardest day of the week. It is just to close to Saturday.

Why is Friday so far away when it is Monday, but so close to Monday when it is Friday.

Friday is the day to celebrate work well done.

It is 4:45 on Friday afternoon. It is margarita time.

Oh! It is Friday again. Share the love we haven’t seen all week.

Dear Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am in love with you.

Good vibes, don’t frown and let the monster see you smile. The weekend is just around the corner now.

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. –Ayn Rand

Great Weekend Quotes for Instagram

So what do you do when you just want a few generic weekend quotes? Let’s say your feed is peppered with friend followers and work followers, don’t worry, we’ve got some great quotes that fit this either/or situation.

It doesn’t count unless you spend the weekend doing something completely pointless.

It is a Happy END when the weekEND finally arrives.

The only reason to ask someone about their weekend is so you can tell them about your incredible weekend.

I hope your weekend was worth waiting for. Enjoy!

Strive to excel, but only on the weekend.

Smile. The weekend has arrived.

Hello, weekend! Where have you been hiding all week?

If the weekend were a real friend, I would give him/her a big kiss.

Make your weekend shine.

My best friend is my weekend.

Let’s Rock n Roll! The weekend is here.

Two days is just not enough for the weekend. There is just too much fun!

Life starts on Friday night.

Better days are soon to be here. They are called Saturday and Sunday.

It is the weekend. Do you know what I want to do? Nothing!

Sit on the front porch, read a book, start a conversation with the cat. It is called a wild and crazy weekend.
I’m feeling 100% motivated – to do absolutely nothing. It is the weekend!

Bottom Line

The weekends are the best time of the week. We need to celebrate the coming. Life’s too short to let the moment pass. So get out there, declare your intentions and celebrate the coming of the weekend.

Even if you aren’t a get out and go kind of weekend person, a quote left on Instagram is a great way to commemorate the days, make your friends and followers feel special.

It is just a little quip to help them remember what weekends should be about.

child homeschool

Should You Homeschool? 3 Things to Consider

Whether or not to homeschool is a big decision.  We all want what is best for our kids, but there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to homeschooling your children both pro and con.  You probably wonder if you’re qualified and if your family is ready for the sacrifices it takes to homeschool your children.  Let’s look at some of the things you should factor into your decision.


Homeschooling is going to take up a great deal of your time, not only do you have to sit down with your kids to make sure that are doing the work you assign to them you also need to prepare those lessons, plan field trips, and everything else that comes with being a stay at home parent.  Don’t underestimate how much time it will take.

Personal Sacrifice

The first issue with homeschooling is that you are going to have little or no time away from your kids and for yourself.  Being both the teacher and the parent 24 hours a day is exhausting and getting overwhelmed by it all is fairly common.  You are going to have to make a point to set aside time for yourself and have some adult conversation.  The second issue is financial, most households get by on two incomes and you will be giving up one income in order to homeschool your children.  Many single parents can’t even consider the option of homeschooling it just isn’t workable.

Both parents will need to come together and agree to homeschool, everything from finances to getting household chores done is going to be more difficult.  If you like your home neat and organized then homeschooling is going to challenge that too.  Educational activities, books, and whatnot will create a whole new level of clutter in your home.

The Social Aspect

One of the biggest arguments against homeschooling is the lack of social interaction your child will get with peers.  While homeschooling does give you more control over the contacts your child makes, they also need to interact with kids their own age.  They learn things like how to play with others, how to share and about boundaries.  Homeschooling can be lonely and make your child feel isolated, don’t overlook how important the social aspect of the school is.  Your child needs to be a willing participant in their education or you may find homeschooling more difficult than you thought.

Homeschooling is not a decision to be made lightly and you and your spouse should have a lengthy discussion weighing the pros and cons.  Don’t underestimate how much additional work it is going to be for a stay at home parent.  Do some research and talk to other parents who have chosen to homeschool.  In the end, you will make the best decision for your family

get ride of sweet taste in mouth

How To Get Rid of The Sweet Taste In Your Mouth? [3 GREAT Tips]

Every person has at least five taste on their tongue at one time. Some of the taste that you made taste on your tongue our bitterness, saltiness, sourness, or even sweetness.

Your tongue is a muscle that can determine what is touching the taste buds at any given moment you put something in your mouth. If you have a tendency to have a sweet taste in your mouth that usually comes after eating something that sugar.

However, there are certain medical conditions where people can have a sweet taste in their mouth on a constant basis, and this can mean the even if they’re not eating a sugar-based substance.

Therefore, in the following guideline below you will learn a little more about the sweet taste in your mouth and how you can take the proper steps to get rid of it.

The Potential Causes Of Sweet Taste

Having a sweet taste in your mouth is starting to reoccur and more people more often. And doctors are still in the process of researching why this is becoming a recurring factor in their patients. A few causes of how a sweet taste can occur can be the following: metabolic and neurological issues, viruses or infections, acid reflux, carcinoma, or even because of pregnancy. Many people can confuse the metallic taste to a sweet taste, but they are more on the lines of a similar feature when it comes to these causes. Some of the reasons can be introduced into your system and affect your nerves or body system because of the hormonal balance that you may contain.

Ways To Prevent And Get Rid Of The Sweet Taste in Your Mouth

If you’re a person who has a sweet taste in your mouth consistently, the best tip to give you would be to live a healthier lifestyle. This can mean by decreasing the amount of sugar and takes and increasing the number of vegetables you have it within your daily diet that can induce the ongoing sweet taste in your mouth.

Another piece of advice would be to exercise on a daily basis, as the sweat glands will push out the toxins that are within your body and help those clients to start producing more oxygen within your bloodstream.

Most people who are eating healthy and exercising daily, you notice a lesser amount of sweet taste within their mouth if there is not an underlying medical condition that exists. Moreover, if you do have an underlying medical condition, talking to your doctor and sticking to a full treatment can help prevent the sweet taste in your mouth from reoccurring more consistently.

Another great tip to help on how to get rid of the sweet taste in mouth in your mouth would be to increase your daily intake of water. There are some studies that state that people with the sweet taste in their mouth or water taste different, however, if you start increasing the water intake, then your body will automatically begin detoxifying itself.

If you have a type II diabetes, sinusitis or even re-flux issues, you will notice that the sweet taste in your mouth is going to happen more often.

Therefore, you need to consider talking to your doctor and listening to their diagnosis and treatment plans and following through with every step they give you.

Is It Important To See A Doctor Right Away?

If you have a sweet taste in your mouth that is not consistent, then it will usually decrease over time or go away altogether. However, having a sweet taste in your mouth or metallic taste could mean that there is something else in your body that needs to be investigated that could be getting into your mouth and keeping the sweet taste present.

A sweet taste in your mouth can also be associated with a respiratory issue or hormonal issue, and if that’s the case, then seeing a doctor right away may be ideal in your case. What they will do is do a few different tests to diagnose the underlying issue that may be presented, such as hormonal tests with brain scans or blood tests to check for any viral infections or your blood sugar levels.

They may also take a neurological exam to see if there is nerve damage or signs of cancer. Based on the results that your specialists or doctor gives to you, could determine the reasoning behind the sweet taste in your mouth and how you can prevent it with a faster period.

Therefore, take the advice of specialists or doctors give you and follow they were treatment plans accordingly to reduce the sweet taste in your mouth.

Additional Reasons For Having a Sweet Taste in Your Mouth

Sometimes people will notice a sweet taste in their mouth’s after drinking water. This could be because of the imbalance within the water alkaline or the increase of minerals in the water source. Almost all water will contain minerals such as iron or even calcium that can give a person the sweet taste. Therefore, a good idea would be to get the proper filters to decrease the number of minerals within the water to provide you with a fresh, clean taste in your mouth.

Sensitive pallets are also the reasoning of having a reoccurring sweet taste. Those that have heightened taste buds could potentially just have sensitive pallets. This is not a negative attribute, however, ensuring that your daily activities and lifestyle is on a healthier basis. Therefore, reducing sugar and increasing vegetables should help take the sensitive pallets down a notch.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many determining factors when it comes to people noticing a sweet taste within their mouth. It could stem from having too much sugar within their diets or potentially an underlying medical issue.

Therefore a great way to get rid of the sweet taste in your mouth is to live a healthier lifestyle, increase your intake of water, increase your vegetables, and ensure your water is filtered correctly. If you do have an underlying medical issue, then talking to a specialist or doctor is an ideal choice on how to get rid of the sweet taste in your mouth.

Which country is it customary for women to give men chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

Which country is it customary for women to give men chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is the most important day celebrated holiday by couples in the entire world on the 14th of February of each year. Valentine’s day is always celebrated differently in different countries around the world depending on the customary practiced to express love.

Most people understand that this is the day where women are given special treatment by their partners to express love and affection. This includes giving gifts of flowers, spending time together and doing other romantic acts to express love. In other countries like Japan, South Korea, Canada, Switzerland, China, and other Asian countries this day is celebrated differently. So here is a list of countries where it’s customary for women to give men chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day in Japan

Japan does things in a very unique and amazing way. The celebration of Valentine’s Day in Japan is a day where women buy gifts of chocolate to their men partners to express love. This is customary that is practiced in Japan as a special day for women to express love to their husbands, spouses, boyfriends. The month of love in Japan does not end in February like other countries, it continues along the year as the custom dictates. Other special occasions of expressing love include “the white day”, “the black day” celebrated on the 14th of March and April respectively.

The White Day in Japan

The 14th of March is marked as the white day in Japan according to their customary tradition. This is the day when men give back to their women. It is marked with the gifts of white chocolate, flowers, sweets, and other presents. This is the special day for the women to receive the gifts as the expression of love from the men. Unlike other countries, this is unique to Japan.  Here is a closer look at it.

The Black Day in South Korea

This is a holiday that was introduced in South Korea to mark the day of celebration for the single people. On 14th of April each year, the single individuals would come together and take the black noodles to celebrate their singlehood. This day is considered the worst day which is like a mourning day because lacking a partner can never be a happy day to most of the single individuals. It is celebrated in Japan too but rarely noticed like the other months.

Such customs have made these countries so unique. Other countries like South Korea have other occasions that mark the celebration of love along each and every month within the year. This includes the kiss day celebrated, yellow day, silver day celebrated on the 14th of different months, with different activities on each just to express love.