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The Best Online Marketing Tools in 2020

Did you know that statistics show there are about 28 million small businesses in the USA alone? Research also has it that 80% of companies fail within 18 months. With these statistics, you need a marketing strategy that will give you a competitive edge among your competitors.

In this year 2020, the competition will be higher because businesses will come up with new ideas to dominate the market. You need the best online marketing tools to gain a competitive edge.

What Are The Best Tools For Online Marketers In 2020?

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The best online tools for your business that will help you to stay on top of the ladder include;

1. ProofHub

ProofHub is a project management tool that helps teams communicate easily and manage their project. It provides all the tools you need to maintain a project. This goal is achieved with a simple, well-arranged interface.

ProofHub offers a series of amazing features that will enhance visibility and accountability in your organization.

Some of the features are;

  • Collaboration
  • File sharing
  • Idea management
  • Product road mapping
  • Multi-language

2. Chanty

This efficient team communication tool helps marketing teams. AI powers it with unlimited message history geared towards the productivity of organizations. Chanty provides a dedicated space for every team communication.

Managing your tasks and sharing files between teams can be easily achieved with Chanty.

The key features of Chanty include;

  • File sharing allows users to open various files.
  • Notifications that will keep you updated when contacted.
  • Audio conferencing that allows users to communicate through audio call.
  • Video conferencing allows users to communicate through a video call.
  • Mobile applications are accessible through a downloadable mobile app.
  • Web application accessible through a downloadable desktop app.

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a search engine marketing tool that helps you find new long-tail keywords. It collates information from Google suggests to offer you keywords ideas related to your business on Google searches. With this, you can gain insight into your competitor’s strategies and leverage on it to have an edge.

You get to enjoy amazing benefits from Ubersuggest, including access to top SEO pages report.

Some of the features of Ubersuggest are listed below;

  • Keyword ideas that help you to find a long-tail version of what you typed in.
  • Keyword overview that gives you essential information on a keyword that you typed in.
  • Content ideas that help you to filter keywords.
  • Traffic analyzer that helps you to know your competitor’s strategy.
  • Top pages that show you a list of pages with the most search engine traffic.

4. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is one of the best sales funnel programs you will find around with its unique functionality. Gone are the days when you have to get a high tech team to build a sustainable sales funnel. Clickfunnels provides you with everything you need to attract visitors, turn them to leads, and finally, to customers.

The fantastic features that set Clickfunnels apart include;

  • Usability/UX built for seamless and straightforward use.
  • Funnel Builder that helps you build your funnel from start to finish
  • Landing pages designed to help you fulfill your sales funnel goal.
  • Templates that help you to decide on which type of landing page to use
  • An editor that lets you customize a page to your taste

5. Google Analytics

Though many consider this tool for only tracking, it is more than that. For example, it allows you to see the source of your traffic. This feature lets you see the particular social media ad that is driving a lot of traffic to your website. This way, you can focus and adjust your strategy as an attempt to upscale your result.

It also lets you know when a keyword or set of keywords is doing excellently in generating organic traffic. You can again focus your attention on the keywords. It enables you to keep such keywords in mind when you create your content in the future.

Along with allowing you to track and monitor the actions of every visitor, Google Analytics is simple to install. It only takes a few minutes to add to your website. The deal binder is that it is a free tool from Google.

There is, therefore, no barrier to integrating this tool with your marking strategy. The data you get to collect and review when you do is precious.

The Secret of Business Growth

It is true that when you master the use of any of these tools, it is a step towards the growth of your business. However, it is worthy of note that these tools are, in themselves, only a channel by which your marketing strategies get delivered. In other words, marketing tools are vehicles that provide a marketing strategy.

To experience the real magic of business growth, you need to design an active business and marketing strategy for your business. It is the combination of a good marketing strategy and any of the marketing tools that deliver the business growth you desire.

Components of a Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is the conglomerate of techniques that lets you direct your business resources towards the best opportunities. It consists of long-term activities that culminate in keen brand awareness.

Some of these activities include:

1) Target Audience:

You must define those you are trying to reach through marketing efforts.

2) Awareness:

You need to be in the face of your potential customers, advertising your business. You do it by creating online content like videos, images, podcasts, etc.

3) Unique Advantages:

Your business needs to offer something of unique competitive advantage, something that would convince your potential customers to choose you over your competitors.

4) Business To Client Communication:

You need to talk to your customers. Don’t just talk about your business, talk about your customer’s problem, and how you plan to solve them.

5) Activities:

This final component of a good business strategy connects the other parts. You have to regularly inform your customers about your business by repeating your marketing process often.


Achieving the ultimate goal of business growth has no shortcut. Time, finance, effort, and patience are some of the resources you should be ready to invest in your business. A proper mix of these resources and the right marketing tools to dispense the funds will get you into the land of your dreams in the long-run.