What Does Og Mean?

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The history of slang is still unknown. There are several articles online that have dated this usage of words to the eighteen century when a word like ‘bad’ was used to refer to something that is good. This assertion is however not verifiable. So many usages of slag might have occurred even before pen and paper was invented.

Also, the scarcity of slag usage in old writings can be due to the fact that slangs are mostly used when communicating verbally. So it is seldom to find people write stories, or report the event using slang language.

But, however, some slangs have found their way into the dictionaries. Aside from the dictionary specifically dedicated to slangs, you will find words like ‘Og’ in some modern dictionaries. Og has several meanings in the dictionary.

But, What Does Og Means As A Slang? The word Og is used to refer to a person that is authentic, incredibly exceptional, or old-school. So, when someone calls you an Og, depending on the context of usage, you should not take it as an insult. They are simply giving a positive commendation.

The term OG means different things in different spheres, on the street, when the term is mentioned what comes to mind is “Original Gangster’. As opposed to what the word implies, the meaning of this term is to describe someone that is very loyal and faithful. It is often found to be used by rappers and hip hop singers.

There are other usages of Og that may have a different meaning depending on where it is been used. Read on for more.

What Does OG Mean in Shoe?

The word OG in the shoe industry is used to refer to the first release of sneakers. Just like ‘Retro’ means a re-release of a shoe model, ‘OG’ is used to refer to the first release of a shoe model.

In 1968, Adidas released a shoe that was referenced to as OG. And since that time its appearance has barely changed. Even at this, the shoe model is still one of the brands’ best-selling shoe design of all time.

Note the Og in slang is spelled ‘Og’, while the term ‘OG’ for shoe brands is spelled ‘OG’. To make that more explicit, the difference is the ‘G’. One always has the two alphabets in capital letter, while the other has flexible formatting while writing. Words like this are called homographs.

What Does Og Mean In Fortnite?

People who love and play games a lot would know that there are terms used specifically to men some things while playing. It is important to familiarize yourself with these terms. In the game Fortnite, the term OG is used to refer to a person or an individual who has had experience playing the game for a long time. It could also be used to refer to a cosmetic which only a steady and experienced player of the game could have.

What Does Og Mean In Dance Moms?

The word OG is obviously is not limited to a particular niche. It is used diversely even in movies no less. One of the more popular movies where it is used is in Dance Moms. In this movie, the term means Original girls’. The movie centres around a couple of young ladies who happen to be dancers and their struggles with keeping up with rehearsals, their mothers another dance instructor.

Og Kush Meaning?

There are different types and species of plants all over the world. Indian hemp is a common and well-known plant. it is also called weed, cannabis, hemp, kush, etc. It is commonly used as a stimulant. OG kush here refers to Ocean grown kush. it is said to be one of the most effective types of weeds. It is said to do well around the ocean. It is one of the most preferred and sought after type of weed for those who use it.

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What Does WYD Means?

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The shortening of lengthy sentences to smaller form is known as an abbreviation. This can be achieved either by taking the first few alphabets in the sentences or some strategic alphabet in the word or the phrase. Most names of organizations like the World Health Organization has the abbreviated form to be W.H.O., The Federal Bureau of Investigation has the acronym F.B.I. and several others.

These aforementioned acronyms are examples of formal acronyms. Several other abbreviations are also quite popular but are mostly used in chat and are informal. You can’t write an official letter and use such abbreviations. Due to the number of abbreviations that have been created, it is sometimes a challenge trying to figure out the meaning of some of these abbreviations.

For example,

What does WYD mean? WYD means ‘what you doing’. This is the generally know meaning of this phrase on chatting platforms. But, there may be a different meaning that some set of people gives to this abbreviation in their context. So, it is important that you understand the meaning that is given to a particular abbreviation in your region. 

What Is The Meaning Of WYD?

WYD is an acronym that means ‘what you doing’. This is a question that can be asked in a real-life situation. Though grammatically, the sentence should be ‘what are you doing?’ ‘What you doing’ is a common slang in greeting. This type of greeting is usually used in text and among friends. In what situations is this acronym used though?

Ways And How WYD Is Used?

WYD is an acronym commonly used online. The acronym is usually directed to a person as a question in just the same way the question might have been asked in a face-to-face conversation. It could be a sole question used to start a conversation or as a continuation of a former conversation.

WYD can be posted on general social media networks but it is mostly used in private conversations. It is used to gather information about the current happenings with a person so, it is hardly used in general posts. However, the exception to this is when WYD is used as a hypothetical comment on a situation or event.

WYD used in this instance does not refer to anyone in particular but is just a general statement. To help you further understand this, here are some of the ways WYD can be used.

  • As a friendly conversation starter

Friend 1: WYD

Friend 2: I’m taking my dog on a walk.

This is a typical conversation starter using this acronym. It is used between friends or casual acquaintances. It appears as a stand-alone question in this conversation.

  • In a continued conversation

Friend 1: I’m going to shoot some hoops

Friend 2: WYD after you are done?

Not only is this slang question used to continue a conversation, but it is also used as a part of a question instead of the entire question. WYD is usually used like this when the information requested is more specific.

  • In a general post

My sister used all my shampoo…WYD so ain’t nice.

This is an example of a hypothetical comment use of the slang ‘wyd’. It doesn’t require an answer from anyone. This kind of comment is used in status updates and posts.

Is There A Variation Of WYD?

Another way the question contained in the acronym ‘WYD’ is expressed is WUD.  There isn’t much of a difference between the two. As the word ‘you’ has often been represented by either of the two letters in slang like acronyms.

Therefore, you can either use ‘WYD’ or ‘WUD’ to ask the same question after that it would take to type out ‘what are you doing?’ You should be careful in the use of these acronyms as you do not want to mistakenly use them in a formal conversation or outing. There are also other acronyms with close meanings as wyd

Other Acronyms Used Like WYD

There are other acronyms too that follow the same pattern of the grammatical incorrectness and short three-letter acronyms. These acronyms have their meanings and the meaning of each have been placed at the front line.

  • WDM – This slang means ‘What You Doing’ This slang in full just means ‘ what are you doing’
  • WYS – This slang simply means ‘what you saying.’ This is short slang for the full sentence ‘what are you saying?’
  • WYO – This is an acronym of the question ‘What you on’. Its full question will be ‘what are you on’ which is a similar to WDM and WUD.

Any of these acronyms including WYD can be answered using the acronym, NMU.  NMU simply ‘Nothing much. You?’ While WYD and all other acronyms are great for casual conversations, make sure you do not overuse them to the extent that you ask your boss, WYD.


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